Google Trusted Stores


Cosmetic Capital and Google Trusted Stores – Shop online with ease and confidence.


What this says ABOUT US:

  • We are a GOOGLE TRUSTED STORE – this is a direct endorsement from Google.
  • We have proved we offer a CONSISTENTLY GREAT shopping experience – that means the WHOLE EXPERIENCE – from first sight to delivery, returns and refunds.

What this MEANS FOR YOU:

  • FREE PURCHASE PROTECTION: Up to $1,000 AUD of protection offered
    • You can opt in after checkout, giving you an extra layer of protection.
  • Google’s help resolving any issues – of course we are your first point of contact and will do everything we can to resolve any issue, but should you not be satisfied, Google offer another level of customer care.


We are excited to keep providing you with the best genuine beauty products and shopping experience by offering a stellar and secure experience, endorsed by Google.

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