Please note - this is a clearance item, and therefore no returns or refunds can be accepted for this item. The product has minor damage and is being sold at a significantly reduced sale price. Please choose carefully, and if you require further information before purchasing please email our support team at this link.

This item may be a store return and therefore have a price tag on the box. It may have a broken seal on the item, or scuff marks to the packaging.

Within this mix there will be 5 random assorted makeup, skincare and haircare items. All items do have slight damage to them, however they are still fit for purpose. These items are being sold at a sale price of $1.79/unit - this is a clearance price and the huge discount represents the slight damage on the items. 

All packs are assorted, no items can be guaranteed. Although packs do come assorted we can’t guarantee you won’t receive doubles if you purchase multiple packs, please choose carefully. 

**Items can appear in other packs at random.