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Ardell’s Magnetic Lashes are reusable, easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to love. With tiny fitted magnets covering the lash strips from end-to-end, you won’t have to worry about your lashes lifting at the inner corners anymore! Multi-magnet technology ensures that your lashes stay secured all day long. No adhesive needed!

The Ardell Double Wispies Magnetic Lashes provide full volume and long length. These luscious lashes incorporate the signature wispy curl, feathery look and criss-crossed lash hairs for a more natural look. It also uses a round-cut style with shorter inner and outer hairs and an elongated centre to open up the eyes. 

Ardell’s Invisiband ensures an undetectable lash band and comfortable wear.

Please note - T&Cs apply to this item, and due to hygienic reasons no returns, exchanges or refunds can be accepted or processed for this item.

Magnetic lashes can be difficult for first time users, so please choose carefully. For guidance please read our blog here 

How to apply: Gently remove upper magnetic lash from tray and lay on top of your natural lash line. In the same way, remove under magnetic lash from tray and place beneath your lashes to connect the two magnetic strips together.

How to remove: Slide top and bottom apart to release magnetic grip using your index finger and thumb. Do not pull straight off.