Grace your loved ones with the lashes they’ve always dreamed of.

Ardell’s Faux Mink lashes create a voluminous, elongated, fanned-out lash look with a subtle fluttery curl. Layer with Ardell’s Faux Mink Lash-Inspired Mascara for some serious false lash fullness.

The limited-edition Ardell Holiday Faux Mink 811 and Mascara comes with:

1x pair of Ardell Faux Mink 811 Lashes:

Soft faux mink hair fibers give you that flared-out cat-eye effect with shorter inner corners, accented outer ends and tapered ends for a natural finish. Ardell’s Knot-Free Invisiband ensures comfortable wear and a seamless, undetectable finish.

1x Full-Size Ardell Faux Mink Mascara:

Inspired by Ardell’s Faux Mink Lashes, this mascara replicates their volume, fluttery length and delicate curl. With a long-wearing smudge-proof formula and a wand that separates each lash for a clump free finish, you can easily achieve the faux mink look.

1x Lash Adhesive to secure lashes in place