With Emu Oil and Vitamin E is designed to moisturize and soften skin dried by the effects of every day life. Offering long lasting hydration and smoothness, Bio-Essence Emu Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that are transported through the skin by the Bio Active components of Emu Oil to soothe and heal while moisture is replaced in the skin. Used for the treatment of burns, arthritic pain, muscular aches, bruising, wounds, skin blemishes and disorders and smoothes the skin. Bio-Essence Emu Oil contains natural Australian Emu Oil, obtained as a by-product of farm-bred Emus and is made in Australia.

Containing powerful anti-oxidants, as well as a known skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent, Emu Oil helps to improve the condition of aging skin. Offering both skin-thickening and moisturizing properties, Emu Oil enhanced products can help counter the wrinkles and dry, scaly, thinning skin that may occur with aging. Moisturize, lubricate and replenish dry or irritated skin.

Made in Australia