Beauteous Mask allows users a refreshing experience, promoting vibrant, youthful and healthy looking skin.

The products were formulated with carefully selected natural ingredients to provide the best protection against skin's aging process.

Intense moisture and nutrients penetrate into deeper areas of skin, cleanse and leave a protective barrier retaining a healthy, beautiful looking skin.

It is very easy to use. Formulated for all skin type.

Rich in Vitamin C + E, the tiny seeds of the kiwifruit contain one of the most healing and nutrient-rich oils to benefit skin health:

  • Helps control skin's oil production.
  • Heals and nourishes irritated skin (pimples, minor redness)
  • Retains moisture in the skin – preventing further oil production and balancing sebum level.
  • It can help with the appearance of scars and sun damage.

Made in New Zealand