Bring New York to your nails

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 15 October 2019 

Bring New York Fashion Week to your nails thanks to Maybelline's trendsetting Color Show Nail Polishes!


If there are two things that sum up New York City, it’s the busy hustle and bustle and the starry-eyed hopefuls that long to pursue their dreams.

With that said, it’s clear that a New York-worthy nail polish would need to be both boldly coloured to make an unforgettable statement and able to withstand the high demands of the New York lifestyle.

Whether you’re about to hit Time Square or you just want to embody the high fashion that is the New York streets, equip yourself with Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Polish for a show-stopping manicure.

Straight from the catwalk, this one-of-a-kind polish has graced the fingertips of the models in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

This nail polish is a fashion show hit for several reasons.

First, it's extremely easy to apply. Through the craziness that occurs behind the scenes of a world-renowned fashion show, this polish quickly applies with an easy flow brush that resembles the shape of the nail and dries in as little as one minute. 

Second, the resilient chip-free formula withstands it all for long-lasting results. The last thing anyone needs in a day-long photoshoot is a chipped-up manicure!

Third, it’s all about colour! With a name like Color Show, you can guarantee that Maybelline is dishing out all the hottest colours of the season. Not to mention, the exclusive Color Show formula delivers 2x more pigments than your standard one-coat polish for an even bigger impact.

Take on the big city with these bold nail colours from Maybelline.



Maybelline Color Show 60 Seconds Nail Polish 335 Broadway Blues


Cure yourself from the Broadway Blues with this vibrant, eye-catching blue polish.

With a colour so strikingly gorgeous, how could anyone be Misérable?



Maybelline Color Show 60 Seconds Nail Polish 328 Sidewalk Strut


The New York sidewalks can be brutal.

Powerfully push through the crowds with Sidewalk Strut, a strong yet sophisticated neutral brown colour.



Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish 254 Latte


If a New Yorker isn’t an avid coffee enthusiast, can they even call themselves a New Yorker?

Emulate the frothy goodness of a steaming hot latte with this elegant nude beige colour.



Maybelline Color Show 60 Seconds Nail Polish 130 Winter Baby


It’s New Year’s Eve. The snow falls and everyone counts down from 10 as you embrace your lover and watch the ball drop in Time’s Square.

Capture the magic of the countdown to midnight all year long with this snow white colour.



Bring New York to your nails now with Maybelline’s Color Show nail polish range

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