Billie Goat

Your remedy for stubborn skin problems and the answer to soft, suppleness.


This 100% Australian owned and made brand has become the answered prayer to several eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis sufferers over the years.


Rich in natural and essential oils such as olive, almond, grape seed, coconut and lavender as well as fresh Australian goat’s milk, these superior quality products are undoubtedly the best addition you can make to your skincare routine.

Billie Goat Soap was developed in 2005 by a concerned mother looking for a natural cure for her son’s unrelenting eczema.

Understandably worried about the implications of prolonged steroid use, she researched the remarkable benefits of goat’s milk such as its extremely moisturising qualities and high abundance of skin softening, strengthening and protective vitamins.

After much experimentation, soap-making lessons and perseverance, the initial batch of Billie Goat soaps were born.

Now after over 10 years of perfecting the process and ingredients, the Billie Goat brand encompasses an array of nourishing, premium products including soaps, washes, creams and treatments for all ages, skin types and skin concerns.

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