A favourite Australian-made organic alternative since 1999.

Australian Organic Biologika was one of the first brands to grace the Australian market with effective yet natural, organic products that don’t cause danger to the environment or the health of its users, unlike the chemical heavy products that riddle the shelves.


Reliable, superior products that are safe for the entire family.


They produce an extensive selection of organic hair, skin and personal care products that tailor to the needs and concerns of users. They also have a fragrance-free range for anyone with sensitive skin and those suffering from common skin issues.

Manufactured in Victoria from their own production facility, Australian Organic Biologika products are cruelty free, vegan, Grey Water safe and carbon neutral. With recyclable packing, this brand is environmentally responsible, sustainable and a trusted choice for many Australians.

Maximise your health and sustain our planet by choosing Australian Organic Biologika!