Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics make their products with love and will have you loving them in return.

Passionately created with the clearest vision and the fans first in mind, Gerard Cosmetics provide the most glamorous and chic solutions to all your everyday beauty blunders.

The brand began when CEO Jennifer Gerard got fed up with time-consuming products that require annoying amounts of effort. She strived to create a line that was efficient, effective and effortlessly elegant.


Make-up struggles? Don’t worry, they hear you.


Jennifer Gerard and her team listen to fan feedback on social media, at charity events and other conventions because their cosmetics are inspired by the fans and ultimately created for them.

Their lipsticks especially have got the social media world ablaze with rave reviews and stunning selfies to match.

Make life a whole lot easier and ten times more fabulous with Gerard Cosmetics!

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