A blissful union of science and nature has seen Innoxa bring forth a host of hypo-allergenic products that are joyously safe to use on the most sensitive of skins. Be right back, we just want to go lather it on ourselves.



Innoxa comes from the humblest and truest of beginnings. Dr Francois Debat, a French dermatologist, believed in treating every living thing with gentleness. And so he built a skincare company on that ethos. From its genesis, Innoxa’s philosophy has proudly been 'First Do No Harm'. Not one drop of formula testing has ever found its way onto an animal’s head.



Innoxa’s production method has been, and will always be, inspired by nature and by extension, to treat its resources with respect. Utilising plant, marine and mineral extracts as efficiently as possible and coupling these processes with bio-engineering has meant Innoxa’s products are free of parabens and nasties while doing exactly what they say they’ll do. A fabulous pairing, we think.

Innoxa seeks to protect the precious ecosystem and its structure. Looking after the only earth we’ve got for future generations? Thumbs up from all of us. 

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