Sensationail are revolutionising the nail polish game, and now you can buy these amazing products online in Australia at Cosmetic Capital. Sensationail is a world leading at-home gel manicure system. Created by the makers of famous acrylic nail brand Nailene, Sensationail uses LED technology and their unique gel formulas to provide their customers with salon-quality results that are achievable from your own home! Easy to use and affordable for everyday wear, it is no surprise that Sensationail are leading the way in the nail polish industry. 

Treat your nails with amazing gel polishes and experience two weeks of chip-proof, peel-proof and fade-proof colour! Made in the USA, you can be sure these are gel nail polishes of the highest quality and with 60-second dry times and dazzling on-trend colour you will be completely satisfied with the finished manicure. Please note that gel polishes do require an LED lamp to ensure your manicure does dry correctly. Shopping for Makeup has never been easier and Cosmetic Capital offers hundreds of famous brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline that produce the highest quality items like Foundations and Mascaras. If Haircare is what you’re after, make sure you check out Olaplex and Fanola!


How to use Sensationail gel polishes

Using Sensationail gel nail polishes is a simple, at-home process that will give you salon-quality nails without leaving the house!

Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Prepare your nails

Remove all nail polish from your nails and wash your hands. After drying, push back your cuticles with the slanted edge of a manicure stick. Then shape your nails with a nail buffer.


  1. Buff your nails

Buff your nails until the natural shine is removed from your nails. Remove any dust from the filing and buffing process before continuing.


  1. Wipe off your nails

Use a gel cleanser on a lint-free wipe to wipe off each nail. Don’t soak the lint-free wipe, as it works better just slightly damp. Let your nails dry for around ten seconds after application.


  1. Apply coat of gel primer

Apply one coat of a gel primer to your nails. Use sparingly and let dry after application.


  1. Use a base and top coat

Apply a thin layer of gel base and top coat to your dry nails. Avoid the skin alongside the nails and cuticles. Cap the top of the nail by running the polish brush along the nail tip.


  1. Place nails under LED lamp

Push the button on the top of the LED lamp to turn on the light. Insert your nails for 30 seconds. The lamp will beep at that time.


  1. Apply gel nail polish

Shake the gel nail polish and apply a thin layer to the nails. Avoid the skin alongside the nails and cuticles. Cap the top of the nail by running the polish brush along the nail tip.


  1. Place nails under LED lamp

Place your nails under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. This can be timed by two beeps of the lamp.


  1. Apply a second coat

Repeat the process again for a second coat of nail polish, using the LED lamp to dry the polish.


  1. Finish the process with a base and top coat, and a cleanser

Add another coat of base and top coat, drying in the LED lamp for 30 seconds. Then use the gel cleanser on a lint-free wipe to again wipe down each nail. You may have to repeat the wiping process twice to ensure each nail is smooth and there is no sticky residue.


Your gel nails are now ready to rock!


How to use Sensationail Gel Primer

Using the Sensationail Gel Primer is an important step before applying your gel nail polish.

After buffing and cleansing your nails, apply one coat of gel primer to prepare your nails for the gel polish.

Make sure to use the primer sparingly and wait for it to dry before applying base and top coats, followed by the gel nail polish.

It dries very quickly so you won’t be waiting long.

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How to remove Sensationail gel polishes

To remove your gel nail polish, follow these easy steps.


  1. Use a buffer to buff the shine off the polish on your nails.
  2. Soak your nails in acetone for at least 15 minutes. The longer they soak, the easier it will be to remove the polish.
  3. Scrape the dissolved polish off your nails with a manicure stick.
  4. Repeat each step as many times as necessary until all the polish is removed from your nails.


Can you use any gel polish with Sensationail?

The Sensationail Starter Kits include an LED lamp that can be used with any gel nail polish. So even if you expand your gel nail polish collection, you can still use the Sensationail LED lamp to dry the polish.


Do you need a UV light for Gel Nail Polish?

To use gel nail polish, you will need an LED lamp with a UV light. Luckily with Sensationail, you can buy a pack that includes a gel nail polish and a handy LED lamp that even alerts you when it’s time to pull your nails out.


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