In a world of heavily contested ideals and demands on beauty, Shiseido has rung through as an elegant, educated and egalitarian approach to beauty.

“Shiseido” was chosen by its young pharmacist founder, from a passage in I Ching. Do (堂): "house of”, Shi Sei (資生): “where everything is born.” The whole passage follows as, “Praise the virtues of the earth, that is where anything and everything is born from”.

And that is exactly what Shiseido has done for more than 140 years.

It has marked itself out as a beauty phenomena of change, seeking to promote a holistic approach to beauty, that emanates from the power of positive self-identification, collaboration, validity of feeling and diversity.

Shiseido was one of the first companies to publish a corporate policy regarding environmental concerns. Through this message they publically committed to aiding the Earth, a desire of living beautifully and contributing to a magnificent global environment.

Shiseido has only and will only bring out products that are incredibly high in quality, work blissfully well and deliver exactly what it says on the packaging. For years they’ve been delivering products that have made skin across the globe sigh with tender joy. 

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