Uoga Uoga

Uoga Uoga

Uoga Uoga (Lithuanian for ‘Berry Berry’ and pronounced 'Wagga Wagga'), is a hand-made, certified natural organic cosmetic brand which was created by two passionate and intelligent women who wanted to play their part in contributing to a healthier environment.


It all started with a berry


Creators Lena Sokolovska and Jovita Vyšniauskienė founded Uoga Uoga back in 2010 at a time when organic cosmetics were on the pricier side. Jovita’s family were already living in the countryside planting organic vegetables when the idea sparked. They began by developing fresh face masks from fresh berries and have continued to construct effective formulas using ingredients of the highest quality including natural unrefined oils, clays, flower waters, Lithuanian honey and herbs, organic essential oils, natural minerals and pure Baltic amber.


Future-focused and for the children


Lena and Jovita would never use any ingredients that they wouldn’t put on their children’s skin. Their products go through extensive testing from themselves, family members and the Lithuanian and UK laboratories to be improved and approved before being stocked on the shelves.

Uoga Uoga received a “Soil Association COSMOS Natural” certificate for the eco-friendly nature of their products and manufacturing processes, and they are fully committed to forever exercise these regulations. Their philosophy is to stay natural, fresh, true, cruelty-free and inspire others to do the same.

They’re all about reducing their carbon footprint, preserving the environment by refraining from the use of endangered plants and paving the way for a healthier environment through knowledge and mindfulness. Their book “Making Natural Cosmetics At Home With ‘Uoga Uoga’” is filled with natural recipes to inspire other women to try their hand at home-made, natural cosmetics.

Although not entirely a vegan, this cruelty-free brand uses no animal derived ingredients except beeswax and honey. All other products are vegan-friendly.

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