Looking to get into stage makeup, or wish to release your inner mermaid? Here’s a great starter kit for those who wish to experiment and play around with special effects makeup without breaking the bank.

BYS’s FX Starter Kits contain all the essential products needed for a range of creepy, fantastical and down-right gorgeous effects. This kit includes:

  • Special FX Colour Wheel Quads - The quads offer richly pigmented cream shades that blend effortlessly onto the complexion or over dried liquid latex, allowing you to create endless looks. This quad features a cerulean blue hue, an eggplant purple, a light brown and teal green.


  • Liquid Latex – A special latex formula from BYS. This multi-purpose formulation creates textured skin tones from fish scales, delicate indents and tiger shark stripes.


  • Loose glitters – These highly reflective hot pink glitters will add some seaside glitz and glam to your look.



  • Scar wax – This flesh coloured putty scar wax allows you to create more three dimensional effects for your look.


Made in PRC