Getting ready for Halloween, or just someone who’s looking to get into stage makeup? Here’s a great starter kit for those who wish to experiment and play around with special effects makeup without breaking the bank.

BYS’s FX Starter Kits contain all the essential products needed for a range of creepy, fantastical and down-right gorgeous effects. This kit includes:

  • White Powder Foundation – Get ready for a scream of a lifetime with the ultimate white powder foundation. Lightweight yet super pigmented, this ghostly white powder is perfect as a base for character makeup.


  • Longwear Gel Liner Pencil – One of BYS’s most top selling products, the long wear gel liner pencil not only allows you define your eyes, but to fill in and finish off those finer details of your day of the dead look.


  • BYS Face paints – BYS’s very own creamy face paints in jet black and optic white deliver a rich colour payoff and are super blendable. These paints can be used directly on top of the complexion of over dried latex.


Made in PRC