Halloween How-To: Kylie Jenner’s Skeleton Look

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 2 October 2018 

The skeleton look is the perfect last-minute Halloween costume idea. If you didn’t get a chance to order in that Catwoman suit, just whip up a skeletal makeup look with any old outfit and everyone will think you actually tried. Whoop whoop!

Kylie Jenner shows us that the skeleton look can be both creepy and totally glam in her recent collaboration with YouTube beauty guru James Charles.

James Charles transformed Kylie with this half-skeleton glam makeup look that had us completely *sister shook*.

If you want to recreate this eerie and oddly glamorous look using our products, just keep on reading.



The white outline



James took a white eyeliner pencil to roughly sketch the shape he wanted. He drew squiggly lines starting from where the top of the ear meets the face and brought them down to the edge of the nostrils.

He created similar lines just underneath the cheekbones to create that sunken look and then he drew a line along Kylie’s jawline.

He also created a sharp M-like shape on Kylie’s nose and used a white liquid liner to draw the teeth of the skeleton on-top of Kylie’s lips and extending outwards.

Feel free to go over the white lines you created with a white liquid liner or white face paint to help it stand out. 

We recommend:

BYS Special FX Gel Pencil Liner White ($12.95)

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The black outline



James carefully applied black liquid liner within the outline he had traced. This is to ensure that he wouldn’t accidentally get any black on the white he had previously laid down once it was time to fill in the skull.

This black outline also helped to make the teeth appear sharper and more detailed.


Filling in the skull



James takes a different approach to the typical skeleton makeup look by filling in the skull with a deep plum eyeshadow rather than a jet black.

Tip: James sprays his flat eyeshadow brush with setting spray to get the maximum pigment.

We recommend:

MUA Single Matte Eyeshadow Shade 19 ($2.95)


Bringing the teeth to life



James fades the ends of the teeth into the deep plum shadow to give it more dimension and realism.

We would recommend doing this with a white eyeshadow or white face makeup with a light-handed application.

We recommend:

BYS Special FX Colour Wheel White ($7.95)


Adding some glam



To add some multi-dimensional glam to this look, James decides to illuminate the high points with a blue/purple highlighter.

This gives the look a stunning unique twist and adds more depth to the illusion.

We recommend:

J.Cat Beauty Unicorn Magic Glow Highlighter Palette ($21.95)



And that’s how you rock your own Kylie Jenner and James Charles inspired half-skeleton glam makeup look this Halloween.

Get spooky, sisters!


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See the original video of James Charles doing Kylie Jenner’s Halloween makeup below.


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