Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 2 May 2017 

Why follow trends when you can break and make them? Learn how a striking metallic lip colour can really change the game of your standard makeup look.


Modern makeup’s fixation on ‘glow’ has spread like wildfire, leading to the creation of several multi-dimensional, light-reflective products such as highlighters and strobing powders, shimmery eye-shadow pigments and chromatic nails. 

One of the latest trends encapsulating this idea (and one of our favourites!) is metallic lip products.

If you’re still new to the concept of ‘glow’ and have only just grasped what a highlight is, it’s understandable why this would be a humungous no-no to you. But I’m here to tell you that metallic lips aren’t tacky or gaudy like you may think they are.

LA Girl’s new metal liquid lipsticks have inspired us to fully equip you with the knowledge on how to conquer this lip look. Their non-drying, long lasting formula applies smoothly and evenly for a rich, pigmented finish. The lipsticks contain vitamin E and argon oil for maximum comfort and lip conditioning.

They come in 18 dazzling shades from natural beiges, darker browns and reds, bold purple and pink – even blue! There’s a shade for every occasion and every look, there’s no way you’re not going to be tempted to try them out.

So without further ado, here’s five quick tips on how to rock a metallic lip like a boss!


Metallic Montage! Video: ArielHopeMakeup


1. Start slow


There’s no reason why you can’t work your way up to a full metal lip. Try coating your lips with your favourite lipstick and then apply a matching metal liquid lipstick to the middle of the lips and blend it out. This will help you achieve lovely light reflection without coating your entire lips.

This technique will also create the illusion of bigger, plumper lips. Step aside, Angelina Jolie.



2. Choose the right shade

It’s worthwhile to start off with a shade that you already know suits you. For example, if you know beige really compliments you, try starting with a shade like Satin Gold.

Lighter metallic shades tend to be less dramatic than darker shades and have more of a pleasant sheen than a metallic finish. Choose more natural colours and work your way up to bolder shades when you feel more comfortable.


3. Minimal makeup


If you’re insecure about your lips being the star of the show, it’s best to keep your eye-shadows understated and your highlight more subtle so the look doesn’t appear too heavy.  


4. Use lip liner


This is a given with any lipstick. Lip liners ensure that the colour doesn’t bleed, the lines stay precise and the colour stays put for longer. There’s nothing more awkward than smudged or patchy lips! 


5. Be confident!


I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, but try to be confident in yourself. You’re beautiful and capable of anything. If you want metallic, just go for it.  I’m almost certain at least one person will approach you saying “OMG, your lips look amazing. What are you wearing?!” Own it!


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