6 cult makeup brands you need in your life

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 22 May 2018 

Let's face it. We adore our cosmetics! Learn about how these leading cosmetic companies have become our favourite cult brands of all times.


There are hundreds of makeup brands out there, but it takes a special brand to be able to generate a dedicated cult following all over the world.

These makeup brands have captivated beauty bloggers, makeup artists and novices alike with their unique approach to makeup, their exceptional formulas and on top of all of that, their phenomenal prices.

Because Instagram is the go-to app for all things beauty-related, we’ve ranked the following guru-favourite makeup brands in accordance with their immense Instagram followings.



e.l.f Cosmetics - 3.4 million Instagram followers


e.l.f Cosmetics make beauty more accessible to the everyday woman. With passion, innovation and creativity behind each product, e.l.f create products that enhance your natural beauty.

While e.l.f cover all bases really well, their face products are definitely worth noting. E.L.F’s HD Powder creates a “soft focus” effect across the skin leaving it looking airbrushed to perfection.



Milani – 2.5 million Instagram followers


Milani offer choice, excellence and aesthetic with attention to design, formula and high quality colour.

Milani totally ace their glow and face powders and rose blushes, but what sets this brand apart is their Moisture Lock Lip Treatments. Formulated with the healing oils of jojoba, avocado and Tsubaki, experience intense hydration with gorgeous, high-shine colour tints.



BH Cosmetics – 2.2 million Instagram followers


With their exciting pigments and long-wearing formulas that are sure to see you through a busy day slaying in LA, BH Cosmetics know all about the latest beauty trends.

This brand is renowned for their extensive eyeshadow palettes (spanning 9 to an insane 120 colours!) and their effective makeup brushes.

If you’re looking for a good starter makeup brush kit, the BH Cosmetics 18pc Studio Pro Brush Set offers every essential brush for perfecting a full-face makeup look.



LA Girl – 2.1 million Instagram followers


LA Girl is affordable, accessible and just plain awesome. Radiating versatility, innovation and a broad spectrum of colour, LA Girl are known for their on-trend products and great formulas.

Their Pro Concealers took the beauty community by storm with their high performance and low cost. Then came the HD Pro Matte Foundation, which took the beauty blogging world by storm. It’s safe to say that these guys are winners when it comes to face products!



LA Colors - 306k Instagram followers


Speaking of LA, LA Colors meet all of today’s hottest trends with their exciting product range and of course, their fearless, fun and fabulous colour range.

While their eyeshadow palettes totally kill it in the color department (obvi!), their Iced Pigment Powders are simply mesmerising with their frosted-metallic finishes and high impact color.



J.Cat Beauty – 147k Instagram followers


J Cat Beauty are on their way to become one of the hottest makeup brands out there and they are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Their high-quality, high-performing products never fall short of superior, with their highlighters being their biggest win by far.



And there you have it. The cult-favourite makeup brands on the lips of all your favourite beauty gurus and soon to be, in your hands.

Start shopping the latest releases from these on trend brands now!

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