Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 20 October 2016 

This summer is for living.

This summer is for breathing it all in.

And this summer is for slaying.

This list will have your tanned up, thriving, taking in all the freshest, sickest and trendiest thrills that abound in this bliss, beaut of a land.

Straya! Get. It. In. Ya!

We’ve got some ocean.

We’ve got them beaches.

And we’ve got all of that sun.

But really, we do, there ain’t no ozone layer overhead. So let’s darn well get out amongst it.

We are southern hemisphere bedazzled and we will frolic to the best of our blessed sun-kissed ability. 

Here goes bechez.



West Juliett

Think Inner West. Think more wooden tables than a wood smith in the forest. Think all the smashed avocado (at the expense of not affording a house we now learn…). And you have one of Sydney’s most precious café gems. Snuggled away in Marrickville this phenom of an establishment will have you satisfied all the way to the top of your perfectly curated hipster head.


Oneness Café in Coogee

Organic, fresh, love this damn fine world well has a new home and that’s at Oneness Café in Coogee. Between their egg white omelette with sautéed mushrooms, Bulgarian feta cheese + parsley and the hot pancakes with ricotta + maple syrup, chia berry compote, spiced apples and pears, your sense of self, happiness and awe will know no bounds.




If you already live in Melbourne. Good for you. If you live in Sydney, why not head down to the ‘place with the laneways’ to discover the culinary delicacies they hide in their midst? Altius is a coffee establishment that is fiendishly particular with their coffee (hallelujah) while providing them chill, chill vibes. Food is kept simple with cakes and sweet things coming from Little Bertha.




If you stayed up to watch the fireworks in Sydney, you may as well just keep that party going by going to Field Day. It’s head on New Years Day in Sydney. Amongst the iconic venue of The Domain, the atmosphere is friendly AF and with an eclectic line up of hip-hop, house, indie and electronic vibes. It’ll all be just fine and dandy.



Rainbow Serpent

Experience. All us Gen Y crave it. You’ll get it here. In spades. A pinch of escapism, a dash of like minded free spirited peers and music, art, performance, relaxtion and jiving it to the early, earleh morn.



We’re all rearing to get amongst the rolling hills and frolic in all the sun that is going to come streaming down to bath us in its exquisite light (hello selfie time, my darling old friend). That is so appropriate. But let’s darn well have a moisturiser plan that’ll be there to catch all our dried out skin! The below are vials of saving, blissful rejuvenation. From Sukin being the beacon of Organic Australian perfection to the softest, gentlest touch with the Baby Butter. Our skin will be the shizz, babes. Now let’s go frolic.


Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum

LÓreal Anti Fatigue Perk Up Cream

Palmers Baby Butter Massage Lotion

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