Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 31 January 2017 

First time with makeup? Fret not! Start with the basics and discover how Satin Cosmetics is the best brand for you.


There are some things that just are.

Satin cosmetics will keep the sun in its orbit and ensure the perpetual glow on your face.

Beyoncé is queen.

Justin Trudeau, the PM of Canada, is ridiculously and mesmerizingly GORGEOUS. (Please look him up right now)



Them BASICS. They. Are. A. Must.

We’ve dug deep, searched the highlands and the lowlands and hustled up the necessities. 

Spring has sprung. So you can slay and slay hard. Get your pretty paws around these goodies, and then frolic in the luscious meadows like the young foal that you are.  

The Satin squad


Rouge. This is Marion Cotillard at her most elegant. This is being Miss NY in 1923. This is Helen of Troy evoking a war of thousands. This is a love saga spanning continents, decades and offenses. Suffice to say the stakes are high with this one. We can’t stop staring at it.

Can you stop staring at it? We can't ...


We get it. It would get exhausting being Helen of Troy ALL THE TIME. So to give yourself a break, we suggest the fresh and light tone of Rosie and her lip-gloss. With a whimsical pastel hue, Rosie will round off any light spring outfit and see you on your merry skipping way.


This Satin duo, is bliss. With two earthy, organic tones to choose from, this beauty will have you glamming it up in no time at all. With the darker shade blended along the crease of your eyelid and the light beige contouring around your inner eye, this gem is the gift of the nude look, sans the hassle.

Be a little CHEEKY

Spring ain’t summer. We all know that. While we’re rolling around the meadows in the slightly warmer weather, it’ll be a while till the sun is high enough in the heavens for some good tan. Until that day cometh, bronzer it is! With a MINERAL base, this bronzer will be a friend to your skin and gift you with that natural glow.

The Satin eyeshadow duo and Satin bronzer are a match made in heaven


Frankly, any of Satin’s nail polishes would do. A warning though, there are more colours than the times LOVE is mentioned on The Bachelor. So, a lot. You’re warned.


Light, fine and formulated, Satin’s translucent loose powder is the foundation finish of our dreams. Easily applied and settling nicely, it’s a keeper. 



See the full Satin range here


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wanting to buy satin lipstick

By: Lynne Gray Dutton on 17 January 2020
We are looking to buy another 10 satin colour MINK 4023 lipsticks. Can you supply them?

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