Unleash your inner makeup artist

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 30 November 2018 

Want to become an Artiste Professional? We have the perfect makeup brush range for you!


If you’ve never heard of Artiste Professional before, they are the spawn of the highly successful beauty brand Manicare.

Manicare decided to branch out with their own collection of professional makeup brushes, allowing you to follow the latest and greatest beauty trends with tailored brushes that allow you to create a bunch of beautiful effects.  

Even better, they are only $6.95 each!

We’ve put together a list of all our Artiste brushes and their specific uses so that you you can become your own Artiste Professional.



Face brushes


Artiste Professional Angled Foundation Brush Flawless Finish 5

Just like a regular foundation brush, this brush allows you to apply foundation to the face evenly and flawlessly. Its angled shape makes it easier to blend foundation into hard to reach corners and crevices, i.e. around the nostrils.


Artiste Professional Concealer Brush Even Complexion 1

This brush works similarly to a foundation brush, however being smaller in size makes it much easier to cover small blemishes and imperfections with precision and accuracy for that flawless, even complexion.


Artiste Professional Point Concealer Brush Even Complexion 2

Like a regular concealer brush, this brush allows you to disguise imperfections and blend concealer flawlessly for a natural finish. However, this brush utilises a pointed shape making it much easier to get into small crevices, i.e. the nostrils or the inner third of the undereye and allows for precise coverage of smaller blemishes.


Artiste Professional Crème Blush / Bronzer Brush Gorgeous Glow 51

Large and fluffy, this brush is excellent for delicately applying blush and bronzer for a beautifully radiant and natural-looking, well-blended finish.


Artiste Professional Sponge Applicator Brush Alluring Eyes 36

The sponge applicator brush is your standard brush for packing colour onto the lid with maximum pigmentation. It requires additional blending but it’s great for laying down a bold lid colour.



Eye brushes


Artiste Professional All Over Shadow Brush Alluring Eyes 31

This is your standard brush for a well-blended eyeshadow look. This brush is perfect for a general colour wash all over the eye and for blending out harsh lines.


Artiste Professional Crème Eye Brush Sultry Eyes 52

This brush is excellent for packing eye colour onto the lids. Its curved shape fits snug within the crease allowing for precise application exactly where you want it.


Artiste Professional Small Shadow Brush Alluring Eyes 30

This brush is used to apply and blend shades and shadows all over the lid. Its small shape gives you more control, meaning that you concentrate colour on smaller areas, i.e. the inner corner. 


Artiste Professional Rounded Smudge Brush Smouldering Eyes 29

This brush allows you to easily smudge and blend out eyeliner for a smokey effect or a soft liner look due to its rounded shape and densely packed bristles.


Artiste Professional Flat Eyeliner Brush Dramatic Eyes 26

Densely packed and small in shape, this brush is designed to pack eyeliner as close to the lash line is possible. It offers precision, accuracy and strong, even pigmentation.


Artiste Professional Pointed Eyeliner Brush Dramatic Eyes 25

This brush helps you achieve that sleek, sharp liner look. Its pointed shape makes it easy to create thin strokes and obtain that fierce, cat-eyed winged liner.



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