Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 1 January 2017 

No we're not talking about the gorgeous singer Camila Cabello here, although her hair's fantastic. And what share's her name? Cabello professional hair dryers. Discover how this baby can really blow some life into your up-do.


Forget that broody Batman, there’s a new saviour on the block. Cabello and their professional hair dryer have arrived to blow some life into our up-dos.

Hair. Oh, hair.

One word can inspire so many feelings, so much angst, so much possibility. Our hair, it can be the force that billows behind us in the wind of our success as we strut into battle, or it can be the shame that makes us cower in our rooms, seriously contemplating the possibility of a life of self-imposed exile.

No we say!

We shall nobly claim back the phenomena on top of our heads!

It may spend more time in covert meetings than the CIA, planning how to go AWOL, frizz out and ruin our chances with Leonardo Cunningham, the gorgeous but heart stopping-ly humble investment banker, whose blonde locks dance around like the Russian ballet, so of course a formidable, organised and svelte defence must be garnered.

Enter, Cabello. Oofft. Doesn’t the name just roll off the tongue? Just like all the fabulous things that California does so well with their beach, sun and sand, it’ll be sure to make your locks roll, wave, curl and bounce with control, style and character.

When the stakes are high and the country estate of the Cunninghams are up for grabs, you needn’t go in for the weak stuff, by Jove, turn up the dial to the highest echelons. The Cabello professional hair dryer comes equipped with a formidable 1800 - 2000 AC motor to ensure the locks can be dried in a jiffy, because, of course, the Rolls Royce doesn’t enjoy idling.


Two speed options

Three heat options 

A cool shot function

Two concentrator nozzles

A year’s warranty

You’ll be swanning around with locks to rival anything that came before. Sorry, Farah who? 

See the full range of Cabello Pro 3600 here

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How to purchase this hair dryer

10 August 2016
Hi, I wanted to buy this but when I click on the link in my email I can only get the information about the dryer. Thanks Jamila

HI Jamila, Please use this link here to see the whole Cabello range. We hope you like it :)


10 August 2016
Does this work in Australia ???

You bet it does!

Cabello PRO 3600

7 August 2016
OMG. A hair dryer with all the power I want to get my dyed blonde hair dried quickly. Love the slick look and stylish colours too.

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