Bondi Sands: The Superstar Brand on Social Media

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 11 November 2017 

When summer approaches, us vampires reluctantly creep outside, hissing at the sun as its warm rays light up our pasty complexions for the whole world to see.

If only there was a way to maintain a perfect tan throughout our winter hibernation and lessen the terror we have to deal with when we hit up the beach looking like an awkward Edward Cullen.

Thankfully, there is – and the whole world knows about it.



Bondi Sands has taken the world by (sand)storm with their professional, salon quality, at-home tanning products. You can literally bring Bondi to your bathroom if you’re not in the mood to visit the gorgeous but unfortunately busy beach, as these products totally embody the surf, sun and sand.

Their products are super easy to use and everybody loves them. Just take a look at social media!

The brand has rightfully earned a cult following across their multiple social networks with over 450,000 followers on Instagram and famous public figures like Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby and Holly Hagan singing their praises on Twitter.



Bondi Sands keep their YouTube channel up to date with helpful tutorials and product previews to ensure that their loyal fans are kept in the loop with all things tan.

Brand ambassador Steph Smith also documented her experience at the Ibiza PR launch for their new Self Tan Eraser on her own personal YouTube channel. The Melbourne model and total Bondi babe gushed about how excited she was when she heard about the product as she hated having to scrub for days on end trying to remove old tans.

 “You put it on just like a tanning foam, wait like 5 minutes and then you jump in the shower. I don’t even think you even have to jump in the shower. You just use a cloth or a flannel and basically wipe it off,” she explains.



Their products really are as simple to use as they sound, but that hasn’t stopped YouTube beauty influencers from putting together helpful how-to’s, taking you through tanning town step-by-beautifully-bronzed-step. 

Awesome Aussie YouTuber Ashy Bines shared her super insightful tanning routine. With just Bondi Sands’ Dark Self Tanning Lotion and a small kabuki brush, Ashy achieved a seriously bronzed bod! You can check that tutorial out below. 

If you’ve ever considered self-tanning, why not go with a trusted Australian brand that thousands of fans around the world have sworn by?

Whether you’re a tanning veteran or a curious newbie, you should definitely give Bondi Sands a fair go!

So come forth, my fellow winter vampires and have a look at our range of Bondi Sands self-tanning products!


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