Bring the makeup studio to your home!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 18 November 2017 

When you’re mindlessly scrolling through Instagram admiring the flawless selfies of the perfect girls that flood your feed, you’ll be able to notice a theme. And no, I’m not talking about filters!

Those glamorous gals have the most picturesque bedrooms. They seriously look as though they were ripped straight out of an Ikea catalogue.

You might have the most top-quality eyeshadow palettes and your makeup brushes might have been crafted from the enchanted hairs of only the fairest of unicorns, but if your space is gross, cluttered and the farthest thing from glam, the experience is pretty dispiriting.

A clear space equals a clear head to fill with a heap of makeup inspiration for an array of wonderfully intricate makeup looks.

Looking good for a night out is only half the struggle when you’re not feeling on top of your game. That’s why it’s important to keep your cosmetic corner fully functional and fully fabulous.

Here are our ultimate solutions for feeling like a pro makeup artist in the comfort of your bedroom.



Illuminated Celebrity Makeup Mirror


We’ve all fantasised over getting our hair and makeup done in front of one of those ultra-fancy, luxury dressing room mirrors. You know exactly which ones I’m talking about!

We say forget the A-listers and Broadway legends! We think all you beauty queens deserve to feel like a VIP when getting your glam on.

The Illuminated Celebrity Makeup Mirror is easily transportable and amazingly compact with a main mirror, left and right-angle side views and sixteen evenly spaced warm light bulbs to perfectly illuminate your face for some incredible makeup looks. 

Without needing any securing or mounting, this extremely convenient and equally stunning mirror can rest upon any hard surface.

Pop in some AA batteries, fold-out the side mirrors, get your makeup out and go be a diva. Kim Kardashian who?

Bring back your inspiration, let your creativity fly free and finally set that inner fashionista free from the disorganization of the cluttered makeup collection that’s holding her back.



Deluxe Multi-Compartment Makeup Desk


Functionality, meet sleekness.

If you’re renowned for having drawers upon drawers of unorganized makeup, fishing brushes and lipsticks out of every nook and cranny in your living space, you need to get your hands on one of these makeup desks pronto.  

The Deluxe Multi-Compartment Makeup Desk is conveniently compartmentalised without being overly restrictive. It gives you the option to store your items in smaller sections, above-surface compartments or spacious drawers, allowing you to organize your cosmetics in a way that makes sense to you.

It also includes a vertical lift-up mirror that can also be left down for additional desk space.

Regardless of how you choose to use this makeup desk, having enough space to store all of your products will no longer be an issue. Less stress, more glam!



Get your hands on the Deluxe Multi-Compartment Makeup Desk for $139.95 with FREE shipping and the Illuminated Celebrity Makeup Mirror for $69.95.

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