Buh-bye, bad hair days!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 2 November 2017 

If you were to ask a woman to list the things she wanted in life, she would rattle things off like world peace, optimal health, a loving and supportive partner, one hundred million dollars … you know, nothing too fancy.

But somewhere along the list, she would probably ask for those annoying and always badly timed bad hair days to be gone once and for all.

I couldn’t think of a better gift to give somebody than promising them great hair every day! 

But of course, great hair is difficult to achieve when your unruly locks are irritatingly stubborn and you aren’t equipped with the right tools.

Thankfully, we have four awesome products that are currently on sale and are sure to make your hair-styling ritual a total breeze, helping you to effortlessly achieve those glamorous hairstyles you’ve been wishing for.



Jilbere de Paris Euro 2400 Compact AC Motor Dryer

(RRP $139.95) Was $99.95 - NOW $79.95

This high quality, salon grade dryer comprises all of the fashion-forward ideals that are hot and trending in Italy.

It utilises cutting edge technology to help users achieve frizz-free curls, voluminous bounce and straight, high-shine locks.

The salon grade AC motor and waveform heating elements allow you to achieve gorgeous results with maximum heat distribution.

Ceramic tourmaline technology and superior ionic conditioning technology enable you to dry and style your hair in record time.



VS Sassoon Professional AC Dryer Pack With Luxury Tote Bag

(RRP $59.95) Was $49.95 - NOW $39.95

A Professional VS Sassoon AC Dryer plus a luxury tote bag? Um, yes please!

The sleek body of this chic dryer replicates the gorgeous, sleek looks that it’s able to achieve. Forget frizz with ceramic technology, ionic conditioning and a professional 2200W AC motor.

This is a limited edition pack so pick it up while you still can!



VS Sassoon Sports Active Styling Pack

(RRP $24.95) Was $19.95 - NOW $16.95

This pack is excellent for those active women out there who are always at the gym.

The compact and lightweight dryer is perfect for on-the-go transportation with a concentrator nozzle and two speed and heat settings for efficient and precise results.

The pack also comes with four super cute fluorescent bonus no-slip headbands and a hooked wide-toothed comb that can be conveniently hung on your shower shelf.



VS Sassoon Fashion Edit London Style Dryer + Brush

Was $54.95 – NOW $39.95

The VS Sassoon Fashion Edit London Style Dryer allows you to create frizz-free and static-free hair styles without drying your hair out.

Ionic conditioning enables faster drying and styling but also locks in moisture to achieve a smooth and shiny finish.

It utilises a professional AC motor with three times longer life and higher velocity airflow, drying hair up to 50% faster and pairs ceramic tourmaline technology with an ultra-slim concentrator to ensure even heat distribution and precision when styling.

The adorable pink user-friendly straightening brush can be used in conjunction with the dryer to create stunning straight styles!



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