Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 8 May 2017 

No two pairs of eyelashes are the same. Some need more length, others need more definition. But one thing’s for sure – one little tube of mascara holds a lot of power.  A coat of mascara can widen and awaken tired eyes, making you look more ready to take on the day, regardless of how much (or how little!) sleep you had the night before.

But with so many different formulas and interesting brushes, it can be hard to figure out which mascara does what.

LA Girl has recently come out with a new range of fabulous mascaras that satisfy an array of lash needs and desires. The best part about these mascaras is that even though they all have a particular specialty, they’re multi-purpose and have various capabilities.

Need help choosing one? Just keep on reading!


For more length, try LA Girl Fiber Lash Mascara


This mascara has fibres that add volume and extension. It amplifies, lifts and elongates for a dimensional and desirable look.  The straight, flexible, silicone wand is perfect for defining and separating the lashes and its water-resistant formula contains panthenol to condition them.







For definition and lift, try LA Girl Oomphd Mascara

This mascara is long-lasting and utilizes a clump-free, one-coat formula to give you superbly plump lashes with maximum volume without weighing your eyes down. The cone-tip wand is great for separating, defining and lifting the lashes.







For length and curl, try LA Girl Wispy Lash Mascara


For gorgeously curled, flirty-looking lashes, this mascara is what you need. It adds length and volume to create the illusion of wider eyes. The curved wand is specifically designed to help you achieve a lovely, fanned-out curl. It contains panthenol as well as vitamin E and jojoba seed oil for extra conditioning.






For definition and maximum volume, try LA Girl Flashy Mascara


This mascara lifts and lengthens lashes, creating ultimate volume due to the oversized wand. The long-lasting formula helps to curl, volumise and extend, leaving you with big, bold, beautifully bangin’ lashes. It also contains panthenol, vitamin E and jojoba seed oil for added conditioning.







For fullness and drama, try LA Girl Double D Mascara


Double D Mascara is your best bet for a captivating, statement-making lash look. It adds drama and dimension, separating and coating each lash for a magnificent, full-lash effect while still feeling lightweight. The formula is buildable so you can make your lashes as understated or as loud as you wish. The thick, silicone wand is perfect for lifting, thickening and intensifying the lashes. This mascara also comprises panthenol and vitamin E for conditioning purposes.   




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