Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 3 March 2017 

With the right brushes, you can achieve a variety of beautiful looks.

From the simple and natural to the bold and dramatic. Luckily, Cala have developed a great range of quality makeup brushes for all of your makeup needs.

Cala makeup brushes alternate between natural and synthetic bristles that continue to remain soft and delicate after multiple washes. The fibers can be used with a variety of different products and are bound securely, keeping the dreaded shedding to a minimum.



Our all-time favorites from the Cala makeup brush range


Cala Flawless Blend Urban Studio The Contour Artisan 3-piece Brush Set


These three, highly precise contour brushes will never fail to get your contour sharp and chiseled, yet flawlessly blended.

The pointed brush is an all-in-one tapered brush that is excellent for precision contouring and highlighting. Its tip is excellent for highlighting those inner corners, the nose, the cupids bow, and of course, the cheekbones.

The PRO contour brush is a dense, cleverly curved brush crafted specifically to fit along the cheekbone for a precise, chiseled contour.

The contour/blush brush is great for sweeping blush or bronzer for a beautiful, natural finish.

Truly become The Contour Artisan with this brush set.  



Cala Eye Need It Essential Eye 4-piece Brush Set


This set is a must have.

It includes four amazing brushes specifically tailored to develop beautiful eye looks. It contains both a small and large shadow brush, as well as a cream shadow brush, ensuring that all of your eye makeup can be blended seamlessly.

It also contains an angled shadow brush which is great for adding dimension and depth to the outer corner, and an angled liner brush to apply eyeshadow or liner closely along the lash line.

All of your eye makeup needs are covered with this excellent set that fits perfectly in its sleek, matching tube. 10/10 convenience.



Cala Urban Studio Essential 5-piece Travel Brush Set


This five piece brush set has brushes for a variety of makeup needs and comes with a matching case for those pesky travel needs.

It contains a powder/blush brush, concealer brush, brow/eye liner brush and eyelash and brow brush. It also contains an eyeliner smudger which is great for smoking out pencil liner and cream shadows, as well as cleaning up any messy eyeliner errors. 

This set is versatile and definitely worth checking out.   



Cala Travel Bamboo Brush Set


For all our eco-friendly beauties out there, these quality brushes utilize bamboo handles and are 100% cruelty-free hair. This travel set is extremely convenient and covers all of your basic makeup needs.

It contains a powder brush, concealer brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush and blending brush.

You simply cannot go wrong with this essential, eco-friendly, quality brush set.



For our full range of Cala brushes, click here!

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