Cruelty-Free at Cosmetic Capital

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted:27 June 2019 

We love our furry friends and so do these brands. They are all cruelty-free and make sure they look out for our cute animal friends!


Just as we value the artistry behind makeup and the power of cosmetics, we also value the responsibility of being ethical consumers.

Since a significant number of big-name brands still practice animal testing to this day, we have made it our mission to stock and support as many cruelty-free brands as possible to enable you to make conscious choices when shopping for cosmetics.

We are proud to say that we currently stock over 30 cruelty-free brands, some PETA Certified and CCF Accredited, which gives you ample selection to still be able to shop around for the eyeshadow palettes that scream your name and the lipsticks you’re absolutely longing for.

To help you make the best decisions when shopping for your beauty products, we’ve sifted through our stock to provide you with an extensive list of all our cruelty-free brands. You can read the full list by clicking here.

Here are a few select brands we think are worth spotlighting.



Barry M

Support the Be Cruelty-Free campaign


Barry M might be the leading British colour cosmetics company, but they’re also certainly leading animal rights activists.

This awesome brand has been listed as ‘cruelty-free’ in the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide and works with incredible charities that are dedicated to animal protection such as the Humane Society International and FOUR PAWS.

They proudly support the Humane Society International’s global Be Cruelty-Free campaign which is the largest campaign in history dedicated to abolishing animal testing in cosmetics across the globe.




PETA Accredited


BYS are one of Australia’s most relatable, reliable and innovative makeup brands. They offer good quality, good value and unmistakable creativity.

But cosmetics aside, BYS also hold strong values on the fair and ethical treatment of animals and have earned accreditation from PETA for their stance on animal testing.

BYS also offer a range of verified vegan friendly products, as well as hypoallergenic and paraben free formulations.




PETA Certified


ModelCo may be passionate about creating quick fixes to your beauty blunders, but when it comes to animal rights this Australian brand is definitely not taking any shortcuts!

This PETA-Certified brand does not conduct any animal testing at any point of product creation. All products are tested in Australia on their models, so you know you’re getting the tick of approval in terms of safety, effectiveness and style.

In addition, ModelCo now offer select vegan certified products.



Nude by Nature

PETA Certified and CCF Accredited


As you may already know, Aussie-brand Nude by Nature is completely against nasty additives, chemicals, ingredients and preservatives – but they’re also against the unfair treatment of animals.

PETA-Certified and CCF Accredited, Nude by Nature vow that they are strictly against animal testing and all makeup brushes are made from high quality synthetic fibres.

As an extra bonus, synthetic brushes are not just animal-friendly, but they’re more hygienic, longer-lasting, hypoallergenic and easier to clean. It’s wins all around!



Click here to view our full list of cruelty-free brands

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