Banish damaged hair with Elvive

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 14 May 2018 

The secret to gorgeous locks is closer than you think, and it starts with L'Oreal's Elvive Line - Discover a world of available hair care products from conditioners to serums designed to treat hair damage of every kind.

A shout out to everyone who suffers from hair damage, I can confirm that you can now kiss your split ends, frizz and fall-out goodbye.

L’Oreal has upped-the-anti to once again celebrate the beauty and self-worth of all women. And with that in mind, they launched the Elvive range - an innovative hair care range created to revive hair of all types, without the huge costs.


“Helps to revive all forms of hair damage. Whether it’s from heat styling, colour processing, or dryness, Elvive has powerful treatments formulated with superior technology” - L’Oreal on the Elvive range


Yes, this brand has created a line which caters to every possible hair care need imaginable including flyaways, thinning hair, dry hair, hair breaks and much more. Well it’s been over 100 years since L’Oreal Paris established itself, so should we really be surprised?




Here at Cosmetic Capital, we couldn’t be more excited with this comeback to specialised hair treatment. Spear-headed by McCann New York and directed by Roman Coppola, the Elvive Line started when L’Oreal discovered the statistic that nearly eight in 10 women experience some sort of hair damage while three in 20 women are usually dissatisfied with the current products they use to solve these issues.

So L’Oreal established a treatment care line specifically designed to provide intensive care, as well as preventative and rejuvenating solutions in one use. Inspired by ‘Elsève’, L’Oreal’s leading hair treatment in Europe, L’Oreal is back again with another empowering line for women to combat hair damage and experience beautiful locks every day.



While browsing the Elvive Hair Care Line, you’ll find an extensive range of shampoos, conditioners, silky serums, oils and sprays engineered to suit a specific hair concern, including ‘Elvive’s Colour Protecting Conditioner and Shampoos, ‘Rebalancing Clay Conditioners’, ‘Thickening Fribalogy’, ‘Extraordinary Oil’, the ‘Arginine Resist X3 Anti-Hair Fall Spray’ and much more.


Come see the L'Oreal Elvive range here!

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