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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 3 March 2018 

Have you ever gazed longingly at the flowing straight locks of those Hollywood A-listers and asked 'how can I have straight hair like that?'

We have, and thankfully, Indola have heard our cries of envy. Not content with just providing the answers to our straightening dreams, they have created a full range of lifesaving products, from hair that needs a quick Repair, to hair that needs a quick dose of Glamourous.   

Rather than crumbling beneath a society dominated by YouTube beauty gurus and Instagram royalty, Indola based their entire brand around these newfound trends and the current looks that every girl is aspiring to achieve. They were mainly motivated by the ‘street-chic look’ that underlies every YouTuber look book and Instagram #ootd.

Indola embraces the current trends, working with you to transform your hair and get you closer to your #hairgoals. They’ve mastered several different formulas targeting various hair needs in the best way they know how.

Find out which Indola products you should be looking at for your ultimate hair transformation below!



The Keratin Straight Range


Includes the Keratin Straight Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Balm and Oil.

For a straighter, frizz-free look.

While straight-haired folk are always admiring curly-haired girls, they seem to forget how high maintenance curly hair actually is.

Just a comb-through or a touch of humidity and those cascading curls turn into the rattiest looking tumbleweed in the desert. Not cute.  

Indola’s Keratin Straight range uses keratin-polymer complex to form a smooth protective layer around each hair strand, eliminating frizz and taming unruly curls for up to 48 hours.

If you’ve had enough of frizzy hair and are sick of birds mistaking your mane for their beloved nests, it may be worth your while to give these Keratin Straight products a try!



The Glamorous Oil Range


Includes the Glamorous Oil Shampoo, Treatment, Gloss and Detangler.

For smoother, glossier hair.

Indola’s Glamorous Oil Range provides all hair types with some smooth, glossy shine.

The great thing about this range is you can tailor it to your hair type, needs and level of dryness. So whether you want to tame fly-aways and add a dash of shine to your hair, or you’re looking for a deeply nourishing treatment, there’s bound to be a Glamorous Oil product for you.

Even though these products add a tonne of moisture to the hair, their formulas are still lightweight enough to not overburden fine hair types. Smooth, glossy locks for everyone!



The Repair Range


Includes the Repair Shampoo, Rinse-Off Treatment and Instant Keratin Filler.

For repairing and protecting damaged hair.

Indola’s Repair Range is formulated with hydrolysed keratin which works to repair each and every hair strand; cubicle, fibre and matrix. These products renew and restore damaged hair to give you the shiny, strong, healthy hair you deserve.

But while it’s all well and good to repair, your hair needs to be protected from future damage. The Repair Rinse-Off Treatment does exactly that, reviving and rebuilding damaged hair and keeping it strong and healthy to resist any future damage. 



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