Easy ways to pull back the years

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 19 May 2021 

Leather-like skin and wrinkles getting you down? See how one or three of our favourite skincare products can literally push back the years.



Aging is a way of life. Although we can’t physically stop the clock from ticking, we can still offer methods and products to slow down the aging process, and easily take off the years without the need of drastic cosmetic surgery.

Here’s how you do it!


Go for a deep cleanse


Before starting on your skincare regimen, you need to use a gentle cleanser to rid the face of left-over skincare products, makeup residue, dirt, bacteria and oils accumulated during the day. This gives you a blank slate for the next anti-aging steps to work effectively.

Look for a cleanser that is resistant to dehydration and damage, and has low pH levels. Good cleansers should not have a massive list of strange sounding ingredients.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use soap to cleanse your face as some soaps can cause irritation and make the skin vulnerable to infection.


Exfoliate the face


As you age, skin slows the physical process of replenishing itself, leaving the skin dull, cracked and weathered.

So, get a super soft facial cleansing brush with ultra fine bristles along with a brightening facial cleanser that effectivly exfoliates, hydrates and luminates weathered skin, without stripping the pores from essential oils.


Pat, don’t rub


Surprisingly, the way you massage an anti-aging serum or oil-creams into your face can affect its performance. The less trauma you put your skin through, the less wrinkles you’ll get.

Compared to moisturisers, anti-aging serums and oil-creams contain higher concentrations of Active Ingredients and increase the collagen in your skin faster.

Try patting a serum gently with the pads of your fingers and massage in soft, circular motions to activate the serum ingredients.


Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise


It doesn’t matter if its day or night, moisturisers are a great way to physically lift off the years. Less sebum is produced with age, which has its benefits and downfalls. Less sebum unfortunately means greater chances of dry, chapped skin.

We suggest looking for a hydrating moisturiser that contains water-binding properties or mineral-oil that prevents water from evaporating on your skin.


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By: Ivana CSAR on 28 March 2020
L'Oreal Age Perfect Rosie mosturiser is my go to preference, works well after serum from same range. Will you have it in stock soon ? Will buy Age Perfect BB cream [basket]. Still looking for best light eyebrow pencil, last one kept braking. Also recent Rimmel mascara . Simple facial foam cleanser gentle and effective will you stock ? Happy with recently purchased nail polish Thanks

Hi there, unfortunately we're not sure when we will have ore of the L'Oreal Age Perfect Moisturiser in stock. We have new Simple products coming into stock soon though. Hope this helps!

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