Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 25 January 2017 

Uh oh! It's the months where runny mascara and sweat-fading makeup run wild. Not anymore! Face the summer head on and stay gorgeous with our Number 1 Summer Survival Kit!


Your Summer Survival Kit #1

Summmmmerrrrrrrrr, behbs. Just say it. Say it long and true and trusting.

Summer is here.

And we’re all a little ‘oh hot damn lemme at it’ keen to get into it. So much so, like the beautiful but absent minded divas that we are, it’s likely we’d run head long into a scorcher of a summer with big hearts, new swimmers and little to no skin care plan.

We are here to sort that right out. Looking hotttt stuff during the Summer sizzle is what it’s all about, damsels. Here are 3 beauty hacks on how to own this summer like the elegant beach goddess you are. Mmmmk. Lezzz do this squad.



Waterproof Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Waterproof Mascara Blackest Black

Getting all up into those waves can be what soothes your soul from boiling over but the deluge of dripping black woe can sometimes cause confusion and pain and ‘oh my gosh, are you ok, did you head butt someone in the buttoosh again?’. Get smart, get equipped, get waterproofed. Any awkward situations, avoided.



For all that sun baking, babes.

Rimmel BB Cream SPF 25

We usually avoid putting sunscreen right around your eyes, of course, we don’t want to blind ourselves, yet that leaves the skin around our eyes vulnerable to deep and sustained burning. Rest deeply in your sun baking spot (so delish) knowing that the precious area under your eyes is taken care of with Rimmel’s BB Cream. It smooths, covers and evens the skin while providing noble protection. So presh.


Revlon Colorstay Makeup Normal/ Dry Skin

For all that traipsing around exploring new cities. Melbs, Syd, Adelaide, oh and Cape Town, Durban, Buenos Aires and just tack it on to the end of the trip Rio de Janeiro.


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27 December 2016
Start at the outer corner of you eye and drag the wing out as far as you want. Next, line your lids, after that bring the top of the wing to the lined lid and fill it in.

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