Get ready with NYX Ready, Prep, Go Jet Set Travel Kit

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 20 February 2018 

There once was a time where all we needed to prep our skin was a puff of powder, a layer of foundation and maybe a dab of concealer if we were having one of those days.

Now, there’s such an overabundance of skin-perfecting products to worry about that it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by it all.

If you like to keep things simple, the timeless trio of powder, foundation and concealer will surely see you through. But if you’re a fan of full-faced splendour or just want to know what all these fancy-shmancy products actually do, then stick around.

We’re going to be focusing on a very useful and unbelievably awesome travel kit from NYX. This kit comes with all the necessary products needed to take your basic coverage to a whole other dimension.

Conveniently, the seven products come in a labelled, half-transparent, zipped bag, keeping all your skin-prepping products together and making it super easy to bring on your next vacation.



Pore Filler Primer Base & First Base Primer Spray


When you first apply foundation, it doesn’t look too bad. Then, you check yourself out in the bathroom mirror three hours into the party and your foundation's deep inside those pores and emphasising wrinkles you never even knew you had.

Primer fills in all those pores and fine lines to create a smooth surface for even foundation application. It also makes other face products last longer as it forms a base for them to adhere to.

Primer spray achieves the same results, except it doesn’t require blending and has a refreshing, hydrating effect.



HD Studio Photogenic Eyeshadow Base


Just as foundation can fail us, eyeshadows crease and fade throughout the day.

Eyeshadow bases, like face primers, form a base for shadows and pigments to latch on to, preventing any creasing or fading. They also allow you to pack on more shadow to achieve a stronger pigment.



Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator


If you find powder-based highlights too harsh, a touch of liquid illuminator will give you a beautifully subtle glow.

You can also use liquid illuminator underneath powder-based highlighters to bring them out even more.



HD Mineral Based Finishing Powder


Finishing powder is a lightweight, colourless powder that sets liquid and cream products in place to stop them from creasing and minimises transfer.



Control Freak Eyebrow Gel


Eyebrow gels generally resemble mascara wands and help tame unruly eyebrow hairs and keep them in place.

The eyebrow gel in this pack is clear, so it will work for any hair colour!



Matte Finish Setting Spray


When you’ve finished your look, a setting spray will lock-in your hard work.  

Once dry, the Matte Finish Setting Spray from this kit will keep oil at bay and keep you looking fresh-faced for the entire day. 



Get your own NYX Ready, Prep, Go Jet Set Travel Kit for $29.95!


On your marks, Jet Set, go!



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