Hallo-queen How To: Get Zombie-fied!

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 18 October 2017 

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you can’t go wrong with being a zombie. It’s a classic go-to look that’s sure to frighten all those who gaze upon you.

We’re about to give you the low-down on how to transform into a killer zombie without having to feast on brains. I don’t know about you, but they don’t seem all that appetising.


The Basics


(Source: HALLOWEEN SERIE Dead BUT Glam! Pretty Zombie Makeup Tutorial)


Rather than getting confused by jargon and techniques, the best (and most morbid) way to go about replicating the zombie look is to remember that you’re dead.

You’re literally the walking dead.

That suggests sunken features, a coarse, frigid complexion, dried up lips … You know, all the things we do our utmost best to avoid when it comes to our makeup and everyday skin routine.

But hey, it’s the one time of year to embrace those dark circles with no shame!

I can guarantee you won’t find a zombie who’s a total bronzed babe so make sure to lighten your foundation to achieve that ‘I haven’t seen sunlight in 500 years’ look.

Once you’ve set your base with powder, play around with different shades of grey to create the look of sunken features by generously dusting them along the areas you would typically contour.

Proceed to dust the remaining grey on your lips and around your eyes. Don’t be afraid to take some black shadows to really create those sunken-in eyes. Panda eyes are totally passable for this look.

You can illustrate a cold appearance by dusting some icy white or silver highlight along the areas you would generally highlight. An ideal highlighter for this would be LA Girl’s Strobe Lite Strobing Powder in 120 Watt.


Added Features


(Source: Easy Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial | SFX FREE)


These little added characteristics will really bring your zombie look to life. Err, I mean death.

Play around with purples, pinks and greens to create the look of bruising. Concentrate these shades around the eyes and near gashes, veins, scars, cracks or scratches you may have chosen to create.

You can create these by drawing them with black colours or liners and smudging them with red and brown eyeshadows.

Red lipstick is excellent for smudging; making it perfect for replicating gashes and grazes. This can be further enhanced by adding fake special effect blood.

If you wish, you can even add some fake blood and black, grey and brown shadows to your costume to really make it appear as though you’re wearing the tattered clothes of a corpse. That is, of course, assuming that you won’t be wearing those clothes again!


Liquid Latex


If you’re keen take it up a notch and create some terrifying gashes, we’ve put together an entire blog post on everything you need to know about liquid latex.

You can check that out here to add a frightening finishing touch to your blood-curdling look.

Now just remember, no brains after 7pm, ladies. You don’t want to get indigestion!


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