Halloween How-To: White Walker

Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 26 October 2016 



Something hella creepy this way comes. Dangit, just thinking about them sends chills up our spine and we go to check that every lock in the house is firmly engaged.



White walkers. We’ve known about them for about 4 seasons now and those white tendrils of terror, with their most hauntingly awful blue eyes ever, still cause discomfort.



We’re all wrapped up in what is going down with those poor Starks. Jon Snow is the only hope that we can see in the glimmer of all that perpetual bloodshed. And then dang winter has to consistently ‘be coming’.



Anywho – we persevere in sticking by our man Jonny. As much as the thought of being struck down my an un-dead popsicle is less that appealing and does not fill us with the warm and fuzzies – there is something about this fantastic transformation by one of favouritest, moistest talented YouTubers we have ever adored.



Mind you, for those more inclined to being oh so blasé about things that go ‘snap, crack, ima gonna kill you’ in the night, if you go for this look, those of us ‘fraidy cats cannot be responsible for our actions. The knee jerk reaction to cripple a white walker in the stomach could be very much a reality…


Enjoy guys + party safe/ hard!



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