Halloween How-To: White Witch

Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 26 October 2016 



When most of us think of great creatives shaking things up and bringing the odd, the creepy and beautiful, the oldies but goodies spring to mind. A lil’ bit of Picasso, a pinch of Da Vinci, ol’ mate van Gogh and that wild child Dali. Oozing clocks, that incident with the elephant and trumpet, a few cubes dotted about the place and that chap who is not having a grand time, or maybe we should all let off steam and have a good scream.


Suffice to say, Art, genius and creativity is delish. And it all seems to come to a fiendishly mayhem-ic head at HALLOWEEN. YUSSSSS.


The goodies but oldies, love ‘em but there are new kids on the block bringing fierce creativity and works of art more edgy than a good stainless steel knife wielded by Hitchcock’s Psycho. These modern maestros are ready to hustle up the art scene, using mediums of the people to create things that ARE RIDICULOUSLY CREEPY, BEAUTIFUL AND JAW DROPPING.



This is the first in our series of INSANELY CREATIVE PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST TOO MUCH ERMERGERSH, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE UNDER THE LAWS OF NATURE & PHYSICS? Or just “Youtubers Blitz Art”. Either way. Too much damn excitement.


This first vid from RawbeautyKristi is a waltz down hauntingly creepy witch lane, to the beat of a casual bout of youth stealing and nitrogen billowing breath. It’s quite the watch. And we’re obsessed with NYX.



So it’s all a little bit too much wonderful for us. Brb need to weep quietly. Let us know if you try to re-create this look for Halloween, you creepy, fantastical ‘Halloween should be more days’ character you. 


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