Halloween How-To: Venom

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 2 October 2018 

It would be pretty cool to form a bond with a symbiote and get ourselves some super-human strength, speed and stamina, as well as an internal best friend that offers us personal relationship advice and casual insults.

Unfortunately, life is not a Marvel comic and symbiosis is but a mere fantasy.

But with the power of makeup, we can momentarily make that fantasy a reality!

If you were toying with the idea of dressing up as Venom this Halloween but were unsure of how to pull off this … err … interesting look, we have found a very easy-to-follow tutorial from Emmy Bre.

We will be using her tutorial as a guide on how to recreate Venom’s look using our range of BYS Special FX products.



  1. Outline Venom’s eyes, mouth and teeth on the right side of your face using a white eyeliner. The eyes should have pointed edges and curve up the temple and the teeth should have sharp tips. Be sure to stop your mouth outline at the middle of your lips.

You should use a pencil liner for this so that you can easily correct any mistakes.

We recommend: BYS Special FX White Gel Pencil Liner ($12.95)



  1. Use white face paint or BYS Special FX White Colour Wheel ($7.95) to fill in the outline you created of Venom’s eye and razor sharp teeth.   



  1. Using black face paint or BYS Special FX Black Colour Wheel ($7.95), colour in the remaining gaps on the right side of your face ensuring that you leave enough space above and below Venom’s teeth to add in the gums later.



  1. Carry the black down your neck and carefully draw squiggly lines to diffuse the harsh edges of the black face paint and recreate Venom’s creepy look. Alternate between larger and thinner brush strokes for optimal detail. 



  1. Use BYS Special FX Red Colour Wheel ($.7.95) to add in Venom’s gums. You can mix this with white to make the pigment appear pink and gum-like.
  2. Then, outline Venom’s teeth in black to really emphasise their sharpness.



Good luck! And remember, We. Are. Venom.

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Check out Emmy Bre’s tutorial below



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