Author: Amy Henderson   Date Posted: 13 October 2016 


From the beginning, Clarins has sought to provide exemplary skin care products for women.

Seeking natural, effective and regenerative processes, the company has poured millions of dollars and research hours into uncovering highly effective mineral and plant-based ingredients to synergistically work with the skin.

These ingredients partner with the skin’s organic occurrences to ensure a naturally sustained illumination for the complexion’s appearance.

The brains behind Clarins was Jacques Courtin-Clarins, a medical student who was dissatisfied with the chemical approach to skin care.

It was his desire to develop and innovate a new approach to face and body treatments, that spurred the creation of products wholly developed from plants and organic matter.



Healthy skin is first priority

The crux of the matter for Clarins is healthy and rejuvenated skin at any age. Their products, using natural sequences found in organic plant matter, create a fresh and elegant finish to the skin. These processes work to ensure a sustained, smooth and healthy finish, deriving from happy, hydrated and holistically cared for skin. Their foundations are able to deliver a smooth, youthful and vibrant glow due to the acutely formulated ingredient base.


Clarins Skin Illusion – Mineral & Plant Extracts

Utilising natural ingredients such as Asparagopsis Armata extract, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Acacia Senegal gum and magnesium stearate this foundation is extraordinary. The Skin Illusion loose powder foundation provides an ultra-fine, silky texture, bringing a natural glow to the complexion, with illumination deriving from soft and gentle natural processes.



Super Restorative Foundation – True Lift

This gem of a foundation is one of its kind. Lifting and evening out the complexion, it covers imperfections with a full and creamy texture. The face is ensured a flawless and radiant appearance. The formula orchestrates care for your skin and delivers an impeccable finish. 



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14 October 2016
Hi there is there a colour square for this natural linen clarins foundation.

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