Hollywood’s hottest brushes are here for summer

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 7 December 2017 

If there’s one thing you don’t want to be stuck doing in the summer, it’s having to apply layers upon layers of makeup because your brushes just aren’t doing their job well enough. 

The right brushes should enable you to apply your makeup in thin yet effective coats, so you can still look flawless whilst allowing your skin to breathe in the sweltering heat.

These fantastic brushes from LA Girl have travelled from the lively city of Los Angeles all the way down under to make our Australian summer a whole lot more fabulous with their shiny lacquered handles, soft, high quality synthetic hairs and perfectly shaped brush heads for the most precise application.

These brushes are cruelty free, vegan friendly and their handles were crafted with authentic birch wood from sustainable forests.

In other words, these new LA Girl brushes are insanely awesome and definitely belong in your makeup collection!

Here are some of the brushes you should be considering for some superb, tailored makeup application!




LA Girl’s Domed Crease Brush is excellent for adding some depth to the crease and particularly the outer V, as its shape allows you to create sharper, more defined shadows and tucks into the crease perfectly. But not to worry as this multi-purpose dome shape is still fluffy enough for immaculate blending as you darken and deepen your look. No dramas!

Another excellent brush (and a complete must have for gel liner lovers) is LA Girl’s
Angled Liner Brush
. Though the bent ferrule may startle you, that bend makes for some seriously easy gel liner application. Instead of having to contort your hand in an effort to create the straightest, sleekest lines, allow the brush to do all the work for you as it glides along the lash line with ease.




The LA Girl Angled Buffer Brush sits snug along the hollows of the cheeks for a perfectly carved contour. It’s shaped for supreme sharpness with enough fluffiness for a beautiful blend that’s free of harsh lines.

Then, for a streak-free, luminescent glow, turn to LA Girl’s Fan Brush for some simply stunning highlight application. Gently dust the brush along the cheekbones to evenly diffuse product and be left with a gorgeous glow.




Use the LA Girl Stippling Brush for easy pick-up of liquid and cream foundations, even distribution and impeccable results. Just stipple your foundation all over the face and blend in circular motions for that airbrushed finish that we all dream of achieving.




Instead of jumping straight in with a bold lipstick, use the LA Girl Lip Brush to apply it. Pick up some of your lipstick of choice on the flat brush head and apply on the lips with a steady hand. You’ll be amazed at the precision, accuracy and full coverage thanks to the brushes density, flat shape and sharp edges.  



To check out more of LA Girl’s hot new brushes, click here! 

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