Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted:24 May 2017 

I’m sure we’ve all had those days where we’ve slapped on our foundation and dabbed on our concealer and wished for a little extra coverage. Maybe we didn’t sleep all that well and our dark circles are running rampant. Or perhaps a sneaky pimple popped out from under with a raging redness that a regular concealer just won’t cut.


The answer? Colour correction.


Colour correction will change your concealing game. It’ll have your face looking balanced and fabulously flawless.

The idea of putting unconventional colours like purples and greens all over your face may seem a little strange. As long as you know what to apply and where exactly to apply it, you’ll realise just how easy it is and your makeup routine will change forever.



Make sure you start by applying a foundation or tinted moisturiser to ensure that you use the least amount of product possible and that the concealer goes on smoother with less difficulty.

Now, I hate to sound like a nagging mother of a five year old, but wash your hands. Light application with a clean fingertip is the best way to colour correct as you’re only counteracting the shadows of the face subtly. A heavy hand is unnecessary.





Green concealers like BYS’ Green Correcting Stick and LA Girl’s Pro Conceal High Definition Green Correcting Concealer camouflage any redness on the skin.

This is perfect for hiding any acne scars, pimples or rosacea. It’s also great for reducing any redness around the nose and the mouth.





Lavender concealers such as BYS’ Purple Correcting Stick and LA Girl’s Pro Conceal High Definition Lavender Correcting Concealer brighten any pasty or dull, yellow-ish skin tones and bring out the skins natural glow.

Apply lavender concealers to any dull areas to completely revitalise and brighten the tones.





Yellow concealers (i.e. Maybelline’s Yellow Concealer Cover Stick or LA Girl’s Pro Conceal High Definition Light Yellow Correcting Concealer) work to conceal purple and blue shades.

Yellow concealers reduce the appearance of bruises, veins and dark circles, and create a bright, radiant base.





Orange concealers like LA Girl’s Pro Conceal High Definition Orange Correcting Concealer perfectly hide dark circles and other deep discolouration on dark skin tones.

Those with fair skin tones should steer clear from orange concealers as they will appear too harsh and work as more of a bronzing or contouring agent.





And of course, as the brightest shade of them all, white concealers like Max Factor’s ‘The Brightener’ Colour Corrector Stick or LA Girl’s Pro Conceal High Definition Highlight are your one way ticket to Glow Street. Apply lightly to the high points of the face for a killer highlight.



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