How to Declutter, Organise and Maximise your beauty space

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 27 February 2018 

Makeup organisation is important. Creating a space with your own dressing table, makeup mirror, and cosmetic organiser is the perfect way to spoil yourself, and at Cosmetic Capital, we are here to help.

Asking a beauty queen to clean up is a tall order. She most likely has a stack of bursting storage boxes, drawers packed to the brim and various other items scattered across her desk and floor because they couldn’t fit anywhere else.

A good storage system will not only keep your room clean, tidy and clutter-free, but it will also keep your makeup and accessories conveniently organized to make getting ready a lot quicker and way easier.



So, you’ve got a lot of jewellery …


What you need, is one of these awesome standing jewellery cabinets. These cabinets double as a full-length vertical mirror, as well as an excellent jewellery storing device.

They stand on their own without requiring mounting, and they also have a lock capability to keep your jewellery safe from the travelling hands of trying thieves and curious children.

These cabinets come fit with hooks, shelves, multi-sized compartments and anything you’d ever need to keep all your jewellery – big and small - nice, neat and organised.

Now, if you’re after even more multi-use features, you can also get the LED illuminated versions of the standard jewellery cabinet.



These light-up jewellery cabinets are excellent for perfecting your makeup application and getting ready in a dim-lit room, perhaps at dusk before a big night out.

Depending on your desired aesthetic, we have an Old Hollywood-reminiscent jewellery cabinet for all you Broadway babes and an easy-to-use Beverly Hills touchscreen version for those who prefer a sleek, modern look. 



If you’re after an illuminated mirror but prefer a smaller size without the cabinet functionality, check out our Illuminated Celebrity or Illuminated Fantasy Makeup Mirrors!



So, you’ve got a lot of makeup …


It’s so hard to find the right colours and shades when they’re all stuffed together in makeup bags that are bursting at the seams.

With the Deluxe Multi-Compartment Makeup Desk, that issue will be a thing of the past.

These brilliant desks come fit with an adequately-sized mirror and a selection of shelves and compartments that are big enough to store all your favourite makeup palettes. Their versatile sizing means that you can organise your makeup in whichever way you desire.

Coming in both Black and White, these ultra-modern desks will suit any bedroom aesthetic.



So, you’re in desperate need of a cleanup …


Saying goodbye to your beloved beauty items is difficult when memories and monetary value is attached to them.

When you find yourself holding onto old jewellery and makeup, ask yourself:

1. Have I worn this in the last year? If you haven’t, chances are you won’t be wearing it any time soon.

2. Is it visibly damaged? If your bronzer is shattered beyond repair and your jewellery is tarnished or missing a stone or two, it’s time to bid adieu.

3. Is it expired? If your makeup is crumbling, flaking or causing you any sort of irritation or discomfort, it’s got to go. Mascara should be replaced every three months, eyeliner and eyeshadow should be replaced at six to 12 months, lipstick every one to two years, and on average, foundations and other face makeup (including powders) should be replaced after one year. 

Time to clean!



Come see the full range of makeup tables, mirrors and vanities here!

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