Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 11 April 2017 

Still trying to figure out how to fit every colour in an eye quad? Challenge accepted! Here's a breakdown on how to recreate gloriously bright disco eyes.


When I first laid eyes on the L’Oreal Colour Riche Disco Smoking Eyeshadow Quad I was blown away. The intensely rich colors are nothing less than dazzling. Just one of the bright colours all over the lid with the black shadow defining the crease and outer corner would be more than enough for a gorgeously enchanting look. 

I, however, am one of those people who looks at a quad like this and immediately thinks “How could I use every color in one look?!


Challenge accepted. 


After I found this stunning concoction, I just had to give you guys a breakdown on how to recreate it. Read on if you want to grace your eyes with some disco fever.



1. Prime those eyes! When going for a vibrant look like this one, a primer will give you maximum colour pay off.


2. With a small blending brush, take the deep purple of the palette and apply it in circular motions from the inner corner, up into the first half of the crease.


3. Take the pink shade on a flat shadow brush and pack it on the lid. Go back in with the brush from before to gently blend the purple into the bright pink for a mesmerizing gradient.


4. Then with another blending brush, take the yellow shade and apply it above the pink along the brow bone for a gorgeous golden highlight. Blend it into the pink shade subtly to remove any harsh lines.


5. With a flat liner brush, apply the pink shade to the majority of your lower lash line and then the purple on the outer half. Blend, blend, blend!


6. Take a shimmering white eyeshadow or highlighter of your choice to accentuate the inner corner. Also apply sparingly underneath the gold and pink gradient.


7. Create a thin line along the upper lash line with a black eyeliner of your choice. Curl lashes and apply mascara generously.


This look is eye-catching enough on its own, but feel free to add false lashes if you wish!

Just a cheekbone highlight, naturally groomed brows and a bold red or pink lip and you’re good to go!


Steal the night, lovely! 



Add some colour to your life and pick up the L'Oreal Colour Riche 4 In 1 Eyeshadow in Disco Smoking here!

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