Do a full face with five brushes

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 12 September 2018 

Create a gorgeous makeup look with limited tools? Challenge accepted! Use these five essential brushes from our favourite brands, and you'll be rocking a flawless look in seconds!


There are so many different beauty products and specifically-shaped makeup brushes on the market that can make a hobby that is supposed to be creative and fun, become confusing and quite expensive.

You may think you need a certain brush and yes, different brushes are shaped in particular ways to make certain tasks easier, but a lot of brushes are shaped in a way that gives them multiple uses.

So, before you stock up on every single makeup brush out there and max out your credit cards, here are five multi-purpose brushes that can be used to achieve a full face of makeup.



#1 Pointed Foundation Brush


Foundation brushes are densely packed with large flat sides for applying foundation onto large surface areas.

Pointed foundation brushes work similarly with the addition of a pointed tip to easily apply product to smaller, harder-to-reach corners and crevices such as the undereye area and the sides of the nose.

Pointed foundation brushes are excellent for applying both foundations and concealers. Just use the sides for larger areas of the face and the tip for precision when concealing.

Cosmetic Capital recommendation: e.l.f Pointed Foundation Brush ($12.00)



#2 Powder Brush


Powder brushes are plush fluffy brushes with a round shape for buffing and dusting powders onto the skin.

Excellent for diffusing harsh lines and ensuring a flawless finish, a powder brush is the best way to add just the right amount of powder to your look without falling victim to major cake face!

Cosmetic Capital recommendation: L'Oreal Mineral Powder Brush ($11.95)



#3 Angled Face Brush


Angled face brushes work similarly to a powder brush, except they have a smooth, slanted top that follows the contours of the face (i.e. the cheekbones, jawline, etc).

Shaped for precision, yet fluffy enough to diffuse harsh lines, angled face brushes allow accurate application of contour, bronzer and blush. You can even use the edge of the brush to highlight.

Cosmetic Capital recommendation: wet n wild Contour Brush ($5.99)



#4 Shading Brush


Shading Brushes are a staple when it comes to eyeshadow application.

These fluffy brushes are your go-to brush for layering shadows and blending out harsh lines and adding a wash of colour to the lids.

They can even be used to gently blend concealers and apply highlighter in smaller, concentrated areas (i.e. the nose or cupid’s bow).

Cosmetic Capital recommendation: Cala Urban Studio Shading Brush ($7.95)



#5 Flat Eyeshadow Brush/Shader Brush


Flat eyeshadow brushes (or shader brushes) are densely packed with a rounded edge designed to fit the curved shape of the eyelid.

These brushes are great for packing eyeshadows onto the lid to achieve optimal colour payoff.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush/shader brush in conjunction with a blending brush is the easiest way to achieve a well-blended but also pigmented eyeshadow look.

You can use the tip of a flat eyeshadow brush/shader brush to apply eyeshadows along the lower lash line or to smudge eyeliner pencil for a smokey look.

Cosmetic Capital recommendation: LA Girl Pro Brush Small Shader Brush ($11.95)



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