How To Get Perfect Brows With Ulta3

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 8 November 2017 

Ulta3 never fail to amaze us with their fantastic quality, innovative products, helpful how to’s and all ‘round awesomeness.

Not only have they created some super cool and affordable eyebrow products, but they’ve also put together some great videos to help absolutely everyone achieve the perfect brow look.

Ulta3 understand that not everyone has the same brow shape and they totally accommodate that. They’re the real MVP’s!

The good thing is, their products are so versatile that they can be still be used regardless of your brow shape.


Get the Elyse Knowles look! Photo: Ulta3


Typically, you want to start any eyebrow look by combing out your brows before outlining.

Ulta3’s Eyebrow Pencil is super convenient as the lid acts as a brush, saving you from having to go out and purchase a separate eyebrow brush or spoolie. Plus it’s ridiculously inexpensive!

However, their gorgeous spokeswoman Elyse Knowles swears by their Hello Brows 2-in-1 Stylus because unlike other brands, the pencil is angled which makes creating natural looking brows a lot easier. According to her blog, Elyse wears the Hello Brows 2-in-1 Stylus in Blonde.

After outlining the brows, fill them in with short, quick, feathered strokes and then comb them out.

If you have ‘invisible’ brows, you’re going to have to create a gradient and fake some fullness.

A powdered brow product like Ulta3’s Eyebrow Kit would be the best option for you as you can seamlessly blend different shades together for a natural look.

Using the angled side of the dual-ended brush, fill in the tails of your brows with the darkest shade in the kit. Apply the medium shade to the mid-section of the brows to diffuse the dark section. Then, take the lightest shade onto the front part of the brow and apply with soft strokes.

Setting the brows is an essential step for anyone blessed with unruly hairs that just love to party. Oh joy! 


Take over the party with Elyse's signature brows! Photo: Ulta3

Elyse recommends Ulta3’s Clear Brow Gel which is a great option for adding definition while still keeping things natural. Clear brow gel is also a great option for those who don’t really feel like the full-brow look and just want a quick fix to keep their hairs in check for the day.

If you do want some extra colour, or just want a natural tint of colour without using a pencil or powder, you can always opt for a tinted brow gel.

Once you’ve completed your brow look, add some highlight underneath the eyebrows to clean them up, lift that brow bone and really take your brows to the next level. Highlighting the brow bone can sometimes get overlooked in the pursuit to achieve blinding cheekbones, but a highlighted brow bone can really transform your look and bring it together nicely.

To watch the pro’s at Ulta3 demonstrate how the perfect brow is achieved, check out their insightful videos.



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