How to get silky hair

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 12 November 2018 

If your hair has fallen victim to one or more of the 3 D’s (dull, damaged and/or dehydrated), here are some tips to get you started on your path to sensationally silky locks.


We can easily put on some makeup to fake the appearance of a clearer complexion, slimmer cheeks or fuller lips, but bad hair is harder to hide.

If your hair has fallen victim to one or more of the 3 D’s (dull, damaged and/or dehydrated), here are some tips and product recommendations to get you started on your path to sensationally silky locks.



#1 It all starts with shampoo


Since we’re lathering this product all over our precious scalps several times a week, it’s crucial that we’re using a good shampoo with a tonne of haircare benefits.

Using a product with aloe or keratin ingredients will help to stimulate growth and promote hair health.

Goldwell’s Rich Keratin Care Kerasilk Shampoo ($8.95RRP $28.00) contains keratin and silk proteins that transform dry, brittle, damaged hair, making it feel soft, smooth, silky and weightless. This product has scored a 5-star rating from Cosmetic Capital customers.

Ensure that you are only washing your hair 2-3 times a week to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils.



#2 Get your hair in good condition


What better way to get your hair in good condition than with a conditioner? It’s named that for a reason!

Get your hands on a deeply nourishing conditioner that will smooth, tame and make your hair more manageable.

The L'Oreal Elvive Nourishing Conditioner Extraordinary Oil ($3.95, RRP $7.99) is great for treating dry and matted hair. The Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Hair conditioner makes use of an enriching oil technology formula for a gentle hair treatment, giving it a boost of nutrition and extra shine. It is also infused with sweet smelling precious flower oils, giving your hair a protective barrier while taming unwanted frizz.

Make sure that you only concentrate your conditioner on the mid-lengths to ends to ensure that your hair doesn’t become greasy or heavy.



#3 Mask it ‘til you make it


You’ve probably heard about or read this old wives’ tale somewhere on the world wide web. That is that mashed up avocado makes an excellent hair mask.

As weird as that sounds, it’s true! Avocados are a natural source of Vitamin E which is known for its nourishing, moisturising and conditioning properties.

But if you, like me, gasp at the thought of wasting a perfectly good avo on your hair, invest in a hair mask that contains Vitamin E.

Daily Defense’s 3 Minute Leave In Coconut Oil & Vitamin E treatment detangles, smooths and conditions the hair, ridding all hair types of frizz and dryness.

Use your hair mask once a week to avoid any damage or frizz caused from heat styling and reduce the risk of split ends.



#4 Switch to silk


Pack away those cotton pillowcases, folks.

Cotton soaks up the moisture from our hair and can be rough and abrasive leaving us with dehydrated, damaged locks. Silk on the other hand, retains moisture due to its natural properties and prevents frizz and follicle damage due to its gentle surface, making it the better alternative.

It may sound silly but think about it, our hair is in contact with our pillowcases for extended hours every single night. If haircare is something you’re concerned about, it may be worth the switch to a silk pillowcase!

You can read about all the benfits of silk pillowcases here

Get a pair of our Royal Comfort Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Twin Packs for $44.95 (RRP $229).



Wishing you luck and your best hair days! 

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