How to look good ... despite being exhausted

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 12 July 2020 

Late nights and mornings without two cups of coffee mean looking like a zombie for days on end. Wake yourself up with these easy tricks.


Whether it’s because work has us pulling our hair out or we’ve just spent the night reading the latest theory on our favourite reality TV show, we’ve all been in that dreaded crisis where we have to look presentable in the morning, but instead we look like we’ve been trying to recreate the zombie look from Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.

If you have somewhere you need to be on one of those awful mornings where you wish you could just crawl back into bed and sleep for eternity, here’s a few quick tips to brighten up your look.



#1 Wake yourself up with cold water


The quickest giveaway that you’re lacking sleep is tired, puffy eyes.

If you don’t have time to use a cooling eye mask, splashing your face with cold water before applying your makeup will help reduce some of the puffiness.



#2 Hydrate your skin


When you’re tired, your skin can tend to look dryer than usual. Use a moisturiser before applying your makeup to flush your skin with some much-needed hydration.

You can take this step further by also applying a hydrating primer base so that your skin will appear dewy and radiant.



#3 Choose strobing over contouring


When you haven’t had a proper sleep, there will be enough unflattering shadows on your face. Try not to add anymore shadows to your look through excess contouring and avoid dark eyeshadows at all costs.

Instead, focus on bringing some colour back to your tired complexion by adding blush to your cheeks and be sure to highlight your cheekbones and inner corners to promote radiance and fake the appearance of a good night’s sleep.



#4 Frame your face with a defined set of brows


Nothing says “I have my life together” like an impeccably groomed set of brows.

Since we’re skipping the intense eyeshadows for this look, our brows will be getting all the attention.

Fill in your brows as you usually would and set them in place with an eyebrow gel. Use a concealer to sharpen up the edges for a defined, sophisticated look and apply some highlight along the brow bones to accentuate the arch and show everyone who’s boss.



#5 Fake it with mascara


Curled lashes help to fake the appearance of bigger, brighter and well-rested eyes.

Open up your eyes by curling your lashes and applying a few layers of a volumising mascara of your choice.

It’s best to leave the false lashes when you’re fatigued as we doubt you’ll want to take the time to apply them properly. A poorly applied set of falsies can actually make you look more tired as it can drag the eyes down.



#6 A burst of colour


If after all of this your face still seems to be looking a little dull, a bright burst of colour on the lips is bound to do the trick.

A vibrant pink, peach or royal red lip colour will help tie your look together stylishly and effectively.



Good luck, ladies! 

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Thanks for advice

By: on 14 October 2018
Oh the Bachy oh nooooooo poor Honey Badger

Well Done

By: on 11 October 2018
What a great read. Made me smile. Thanks for the advice !!

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