How To: Rose Gold Eyes for New Year’s Eve

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 28 December 2018 

Pay homage to one of 2018's hottest trends with this New Years Eve look!


Rose gold has been at the forefront of trends for the past couple of years. Any rose-toned eyeshadow palettes were highly sought after, and pretty pinkish glitters garnished our eye looks.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to incorporate some rose gold glam into your look as a way to pay homage to the years trend and celebrate in style.

Desi Perkins put together a captivating rose gold look fit for a New Year’s night out. It covers your smokey and glittery elements, both of which are a New Year’s Eve staple, and gives it that 2018 touch with gorgeous rose gold hues.



Here’s a little How To on how to best recreate Desi’s radiant rose gold look with our products just in time for New Year’s Eve.

For this How To, we are going to be using NYX Baked Eyeshadow in 28 Euphoria, as well as the following shades from the BYS Peach 2 Eyeshadow Palette:



1. Start by taking shade #1 along the crease with a fluffy blending brush. Buff this shade into the crease in circular motions. Blend this colour slightly above the crease as well as this will act as a soft peachy transition shade.



2. Darken up the crease with shade #2 to start adding colour and life to this look. Smoke it out until you have achieved your desired level of pigmentation with soft, diffused edges.



3. On a smaller precision brush, focus shade #3 on the outer third of the eye to add dimension to the look. Drag this colour down along the outer half of the lower lash line in a slanted shape and blend it out. Add some of this colour to the outer part of the crease to even out the look.



4. Dab some liquid concealer onto a flat eyeshadow brush and cut the inner half of the lid. Doing this will sharpen up the crease and make our topping colour appear brighter and more pigmented.



5. Pat shade #4 on top of the concealer and gently blend it into the darker colour.

6. Take that rose gold shine to the next level by wetting your brush and applying NYX Baked Eyeshadow in 28 Euphoria on-top of that shimmery pink shade.



7. Apply shade #2 right along the lower lash line and shade #3 at the outer half. Blend these colours out softly with shade #1.

8. Highlight the brow bone and inner corner with shade #5 and complete your look by applying a set of dramatic false lashes or a generous coating of volumizing mascara.




Happy New Year from all of us at Cosmetic Capital!


Check out the original tutorial from Desi Perkins below.


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