Who are BH Cosmetics and why are they so popular?

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 19 August 2017 

We are so excited to finally announce that we have become an official stockist of BH Cosmetics!

 We’re beyond excited to share their amazing products with you beauties! We know you’re going to adore them just as much as we do.


Who are BH Cosmetics?


BH Cosmetics is an exciting makeup brand that exploded onto the scene from Los Angeles, quickly becoming a favourite for beauty gurus and makeup artists. Over the years, they won the hearts of makeup lovers worldwide and rightfully earned a tremendous following on social media.

Their incredible products are effective, affordable and proudly cruelty-free. Uniting style with glam, BH Cosmetics create on-trend products that innovate, continuously surpass expectations and reflect your individuality in the most beautiful ways.



From their highly-pigmented eyeshadow palettes to their lush matte lipsticks and their Studio Pro line that will have you feeling like a professional makeup artist, BH Cosmetics do it all.

And they do it well!

One unique factor that sets BH Cosmetics apart from other beauty brands is their celebrity collaborations.

They have collaborated with actress, singer and producer Ashley Tisdale on her Illuminate range with products such as the Beach Goddess Palette.

They have also collaborated with YouTube beauty guru Lindy Tsang (BubzBeauty) on the ‘Be… by BubzBeauty’ palette, as well as beauty and fashion blogger Carli Bybel on her self-titled eyeshadow and highlight palette.  



What should I try?


With their enticing colour range, rich pigmentation, gorgeous textures and pleasant formulas, their eyeshadow palettes are winners for sure. Some users even say that BH Cosmetics’ affordable eyeshadows actually match up with the formulas of expensive, high-end makeup brands.

The best part about their eyeshadows is that there’s a palette for everyone. Whether you like loud, expressive colour, or you prefer classy, understated looks, you know BH Cosmetics has the perfect palette for you.

If you’re a natural beauty try the Neutral Eyes 28-Color Palette.

Or, if something vivid and bold is more your speed, try the Wild & Alluring Palette!

Some of their palettes have up to 120 colours (how amazing is that?!) to play around with. Finding the colour you need should definitely not be a struggle!



But before getting whisked away by a whirlwind of colour, don’t forget about these hidden gems you may accidentally overlook such as:


The Studio Pro Waterproof Brow Pomade


Apply this water resistant and smudge proof brow pomade with an angled brush for incredible brows that’ll last all day! The quick-drying formula is amazingly smooth and glides on with ease. These pomades flatter a variety of hair colours so there’s no excuse not to try them out!



The Floral Blush Duo’s


These beautiful blush duo’s come with a lighter and darker shade for you to alternate between, or to blend together to create a whole new blush shade! This will bring multi-dimension to your cheeks and really enhance your features. Love!



With over 100 different makeup products, it’s impossible to show each one the love they deserve on a short blog post, so be sure to check out our full range of BH Cosmetics products for yourself here!

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