Author: Samantha   Date Posted: 30 May 2016 

We are excited to introduce Sukin - a quality range of Australian Natural Skincare products. 

Australian made. Affordable yet with a strong focus on quality. Made from a blend of organic botanicals, essential oils and natural ingredients. Did we mention they are not tested on animals, vegan, and are packaged in environmentally friendly recyclable materials? It is no wonder that Sukin is fast becoming the preferred choice when it comes to skincare.

Why we love it?

Unlike most brands that promote themselves on what they do contain, Sukin prides itself on what it leaves out (and we think that’s awesome!) Sukin stands out from the crowd when they let you know their products contain NO sulphates, NO synthetic fragrances, NO animal derivatives, NO harsh detergents, NO artificial colours, NO mineral oils, NO parabens, and most importantly, it is NOT tested on animals.

So what can you expect?

Sukin offers a variety of skincare, haircare and cosmetic products. Regular Sukin products are suitable for all skin types and are made predominately from natural ingredients. Expect exceptional products - with great aromas and textures. 

Derma Sukin products have had all soap and fragrance removed. These are dermatologist certified. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation, then we would suggest using the Derma Sukin range, as these products are designed to offer a solution to these dermatological issues. 

What do we recommend?

Currently Cosmetic Capital is selling Sukin starter packs. These packs are a great way to try a few of Sukin’s best-sellers, experience their natural skincare products, and also save some money (as these packs offer more than 50% off the RRPs of the items, if sold individually). 

We all took a Restore & Glow pack home to test, and can say we were truly impressed! 

Please don't forget to review any and all products you buy - this way we can all learn together which products are great (or not so great), as we build our Cosmetic Community :) 

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Comments (4)

getting older

21 June 2016
Love the Sukin products. I too am a mature aged person would love to see the Age Perfect range.

Age purfect range

9 June 2016
Would love to see a mature age skin pack as we are always seeing and hesring about skin products for younger skin but what about the rest of us. I bet we mature age women are your best customers. Thanks K.

Love the suk in products

7 June 2016
Love the products & especially the pump moisturiser

Age perfect range

4 June 2016
Please put a mature age skin pack together many thanks B)

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